Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All Aboard the TARDIS! --Josefina's Story Continues

Cecile:  This is the TARDIS, Josefina!
McKenna:  Oh good, it looks like Keiko's already booting it up for liftoff.
Josefina:  It... it looks like a big blue box...
Cecile:  Step inside, and you'll see!

Keiko:  Welcome aboard the HMS* TARDIS!
Josefina:  It''s bigger on the inside!
Keiko:  Pretty cool, huh?
*Her Magnificence's Ship.  "Her" being Keiko, of course.

Kaya:  Um, Keiko, when did you change your outfit?
Keiko:  A few minutes ago.  I couldn't captain a time-traveling expedition without a proper duster coat and red Converse, now could I?
Kaya:  *Sigh*...

Lizzy:  *Gasp*  Cecile, we're going to go back in time!  You know what that means, right?
Cecile:  You bet I do!


Cecile:  Josefina, would it be okay if Lizzy and I borrow a couple of your beautiful dresses?
Lizzy:  We'd be really careful with them, we promise.
Josefina:  Um, sure, go ahead.

Cecile:  Woohoo!  Thank you, Josefina!
Lizzy:  Ruffles and lace and Empire waists, here we come!

Kaya:  So according to our instruments, there was a giant spike in rift activity shortly before we found Josefina.

McKenna:  And not only was there a spike in activity locally, but it looks like there were several instances world-wide.

Keiko:  Interesting, very interesting.  It could be a natural phenomena, or it could be that someone was manipulating the rift on purpose.  But if they were, why?

*Lizzy and Cecile return*
Cecile:  Why my dear Miss Bennet, you look lovely this evening.
Lizzy:  Why thank you, Miss Rey.  You look absolutely beautiful yourself.

Cecile:  And do tell me, Miss Bennet, what do you think of our new neighbor, Mister Blingy?
Lizzy:  Oh I think he's a wonderful gentleman.  His friend, though, Mister Darby, is probably the most obnoxious person I've ever met!


Josefina:  What are they talking about?
McKenna:  *Groans*  They're pretending they're in one of their goofy Jane Austen movies.

Keiko:  All right, everyone!  Time to embark!  Cecile, set our coordinates for New Mexico, 1827!

Cecile:  Aye, aye, Captain!  Coordinates set for 1 pm on June 20th, 1827, just outside Santa Fe!

Keiko:  Here we go!
TARDIS*Wheezing, whining, groaning noises, followed by a heavy THUD*

Keiko:  We're here, guys!  Time to go out and see if we can find Josefina's family!
Lizzy:  Hey, where did McKenna go?

McKenna¡Hola amigas!

Keiko:  Um...
Lizzy:  What on Earth are you wearing, McKenna?
McKenna:  An outfit that will blend in better!

Kaya:  McKenna, you're not going to blend in; you just look ridiculous.

McKenna:  But Lizzy and Cecile are wearing historical outfits!
Cecile:  Yeah, but our clothing is authentic to the time period, and we borrowed it from Josefina with her permission.  That, on the other hand, looks like some silly costume.
McKenna:  Aw, c'mon...
Everyone else:  NO.

McKenna:  Oookaaay.  But can I wear the hat?  I like the hat.
Josefina:  Yeah, you can wear the hat.
McKenna:  Yay!

Lizzy:  Hey, Keiko, how are we going to understand the people that we talk to?  We'll probably have to ask around to find Josefina's family, and none of them will be wearing translator-inators.
Keiko:  We have the TARDIS to help with that!  It influences our brain waves so we can understand any language in the universe!

Kaya:  Woah, hold it, HOLD IT!  I spy a PLOT HOLE!

Kaya:  This isn't the first time we've traveled in the TARDIS; we've gone to Edwardian New York several times to hang out with Samantha and Nellie.  So if we've all traveled in the TARDIS and all had the TARDIS influencing our language skills, how come we couldn't understand Josefina's Spanish?

Kaya:  And now that you've spent some time in here, you should be able to understand us, too, so you won't need this anymore!

Josefina:  It works!  I can understand you!
Kaya:  ...Which still doesn't explain the plot hole, but whatever.

Keiko:  Yeah, so much for continuity and attention to detail, StoryTeller.
StoryTeller:  I... um... that ability of the TARDIS may have slipped my mind.  But c'mon, you sonic-ing the headset into a translator-inator was funny!  And besides, it helped Josefina understand YOU.  And, y'know, suspension of disbelief is a staple of sci-fi...
Keiko: Excuses, excuses.

McKenna:  Alright, gang, I'm back!

 Keiko:  Excellent!  All right everyone, let's go see what we can discover!  Allons-y!
Josefina:  Don't you mean, "¡Vamonos!"?
Keiko:  Good point.  ¡Vamonos, varmints!  1827 New Mexico, here we come!

To be continued...


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