Sunday, August 7, 2016

Josefina's Backstory Revealed!

Keiko: All right, intrepid time-traveling adventurers, we're here!  Let's go find Josefina's family!


Keiko:  Um....

Keiko:  Er....

Keiko *Whispering*:  Seriously, StoryTeller?  This is your representation of New Mexico-- a blue sheet and a couple of rebozos on the floor?
StoryTeller:  What did you expect me to do, build an entire rancho?
Keiko:  You built us a TARDIS.  I have high expectations of you now.  Besides, I happen to know that these rebozos are from San Antonio, Texas, not New Mexico!
StoryTeller:  Hey, I tried to find a light brown cloth to make it look like you guys had landed out in the desert, but couldn't find one, so I went with the next best thing.
Keiko:  *Sigh*  Fine....

Elizabeth:  Does this look familiar to you, Josefina?
Josefina:  Yes, it does, but... but something's not right.

Josefina:  That's definitely my rancho over there, but those people... they look like my family, but not exactly like my family.  Something's wrong.
Elizabeth:  *Gasps*  I see what you mean!  A girl just walked out of one of the buildings, and she looks almost exactly like you!
Josefina:  WHAT?!

Keiko:  That's it, back to the TARDIS!
McKenna:  What?  But we just got here!  I haven't had a chance to show off my new hat! --Er, Josefina's hat, which I am borrowing.
Keiko:  Something's weird here, and we need to figure out what it is before having two Josefinas in the same area triggers a paradox!  Everyone onboard!

Josefina:  It's just so, so strange.  That was definitely my home and family, but everything was slightly different.  Is my family just... gone?  What if I never see them again?

Keiko:  Josefina, we'll do everything we can to find your family, I promise.

Kaya:  Hmmm, interesting.  I just ran some analysis on the rift activity that occurred right before we found Josefina, and the results indicate the type of activity present when a doorway opens between two universes.

Elizabeth:  Wait, so what you're saying is that Josefina-- our Josefina-- may be from a parallel universe?
Cecile:  Which would indicate that the other Josefina we saw a few minutes ago is the Josefina that exists in our universe's history, while our Josefina came from a different universe's history?
McKenna:  That would explain why everyone and everything we just saw seemed slightly "off."

Kaya:  Precisely.  Which means that if we are going to get our Josefina back to her proper time and place, we would need to activate the rift and hop over to the parallel universe.  But that's incredibly difficult, and we never know if we would land in the correct universe or not.  And even if we succeeded and dropped her off and then got home, we'd probably never be able to visit Josefina again.
McKenna:  *gulp*  Or we could end up stuck there ourselves!
Josefina:  I can't ask you guys to do that, it's too dangerous!

Keiko:  Nothing's too dangerous for our intrepid crew!  But right now, we need to head home to load up on supplies and strategize our plan!  Cecile, set our course for home!
Cecile:  Aye aye, Captain Keiko!

Cecile:  Course is set for Seattle, Captain!

BB-8:  Beedle-beedle-boop!
Keiko:  Good point, BB-8.

Keiko:  And off we go!
*TARDIS makes wheezing, groaning noises as the Newton's Cradle on the console clacks away*
Josefina:  Hey, what happened to the fish thing that was on the console last time?
Keiko:  Sometimes the TARDIS gets bored with its décor and decides to mix things up when we're out.  It's really annoying when it decides to move rooms around-- especially the bathroom.
Josefina:  ...?
*TARDIS lands with a "thud" in the park in the girls' neighborhood*

Elizabeth:  I'm sorry we didn't find your family, Josefina.
Cecile:  But we will, I promise.
Josefina:  Thank you so much for all you're help.  I would... I... um...

Josefina:  *Gasps and looks across the street*  Is that?  It is!

Josefina:  IT'S MI FAMILIA!
Tía Dolores:  Oh Josefina!  Where have you been?
Señor Montoya:  We've been looking all over for you!
Clara:  We woke up from cryofreeze and you weren't there, and we were worried you'd been lost in the transfer!
Josefina:  I was, but  I didn't go far!  I'm okay!
*Josefina is group-hugged by her family*
McKenna:  I'm so confused....

Josefina:  And these are my new friends-- Keiko, Lizzy, Kaya, McKenna, and Cecile!  They found me, and we went looking for you in 1827, but the rancho we found wasn't ours, even though it looked like ours.  Which all makes sense now, because I remember everything!
Josefina:  My aunt and Papa are agents for the Time Agency, an organization that spans the known universes.  I was born and raised in New Mexico in the 1800s in the parallel universe while my family was stationed there.  But recently the Agency relocated us to this time and place, so we were transported via the rift and cryofreeze.  The freezing process must have given me selective amnesia, which is why I didn't remember until now.  But this means that I don't have to go back, and I get to stay with all of you!

Keiko:  Really, StoryTeller?  Josefina's family members are Time Agents?  That's a little far-fetched.
StoryTeller:  You're a bunch of middle-schoolers with their own working TARDIS.  Nothing's too far-fetched.
Keiko:  Suspension of disbelief only goes so far, StoryTeller.

Josefina:  Even though this adventure was scary, I'm actually glad I got lost in transition, because if I hadn't, I don't know if I would have met all of you!
Cecile:  We're glad you did, too!  Welcome to our time-traveling crew, Josefina!

Tía Dolores:  By the way, Josefina, why are they wearing your clothes?
Josefina:  Uh....
Elizabeth:  Heh, let's go get our own clothes back, Cece.
Cecile:  Agreed!
*     *     *
StoryTeller:  Okay, okay, so the backstory about Josefina's family being time agents is a little goofy.
Keiko:  I'll say.
StoryTeller:  But I had to come up with some reason for her to have arrived in a box, with all her stuff, and also to explain why a modern girl likes to wear historical clothing so much.
Keiko:  Besides, y'know, just liking historical clothes?
StoryTeller:  Yeah, yeah.  But anyway, her alternate backstory (which will probably be her "official" backstory) is that she is a modern Latina girl of Mexican-American heritage who just moved to the Seattle area from New Mexico and loves studying historical New Mexican fashion.  She is bilingual-- fluent in both English and Spanish-- and loves botany and medicine and wants to become a naturopathic doctor.  She, like the other girls, also has a really, really big imagination.
Keiko:  Wait a second, are you claiming that our time-and-space traveling adventures are just a figment of our imagination?
StoryTeller:  I'll leave that up to you to decide.  ¡Hasta luego!

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  1. I'm glad the girls are having adventures in their tardis! Looks amazing